Free EMail Service is Changing 7/1/09

==> EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2009 <==

We will be migrating our email services from 
the Everyone.Net service we currently use to 
a Google Communities environment on July 1, 

Mail to your Rockbottom.Org email address will 
be delivered to the new servers as of that date 
and new mail will not be accessible through the 
current webmail interface.

Your email address will be migrated to the new 
server and your email will be accessible through 
a new GoogleMail webmail interface. We anticipate 
no loss of email service during the transition.

Under the new Google Community implementation, 
you will have a number of additional features not 
available (for free) under the Everyone.Net 
environment, including:

-- free POP and IMAP access to your email
-- larger mailbox size
-- calendar, website and document storage 

And as an extra benefit(?), your email address 
can reference any of the domains we host on this 
service, including:

--, and

So if you are currently FatEddy@Rockbottom.Org, 
you can also be - and, as 
before, this service is free.

The old Everyone.Net environment will remain in 
place until the end of the year (December 31, 2009) 
to give you time to migrate any email you wish to 
retain from the old system. (Everyone.Net will not 
provide us access to your email, so we can't assist 
without your explicit permission).

More information will be forthcoming.

Please feel free to contact us directly
if you have any questions.