You can contact Rock Bottom BBS or GeezBox.Com
by sending an email to Support@GeezBox.Com.

Policies, Partnering and Legal Notices

Hosting and Service Programs

GeezBox.Com takes part in a number of programs to provide a unique
blend of services to it's clients. These include relationships with:

Everyone.Net for EMail and discussion group hosting,
Yahoo Small Business for Web and Domain hosting,
PayPal.Com for Web Payment systems, and
Moreover.Com for general and special topic news feeds.

Policies and Legal Notices

All GeezBox.Com information and communications services are provided as
a public service. The opinions expressed in messages stored in and
transferred through these services do not necessarily represent the
opinions of GeezBox.Com management. GeezBox.Com does not collect email
addresses or personal information for resale, lease or transmission
to third parties and does not engage in or condone bulk emailing.
Note, however, that some of our partners may request personal
information. We encourage our clients to review the privacy policies
of those organizations separately. A significant portion of the
material and content of the GeezBox.Com web sites and information services
is covered by U.S. and/or International Copyright and should be handled
accordingly. Selected partner privacy and security policies follow:

Everyone.Net Privacy Policy,
Geocities & Yahoo Privacy Policy,
PayPal.Com Privacy Policy,
PayPal.Com Security Center, and,
Moreover.Com Privacy Policy.